The First Motion Sensing, Wireless LED Floodlight You Can Put Anyway You Want

Outdoor Security Floodlight, powered by the Sun

The SolarGuard ultra-bright wireless floodlight is the perfect outdoor lighting solution, complete with motion detectors and powerful LEDs that can fully light up a patio or back yard.

You can install it anywhere because it's wireless and you never need to worry about buying batteries because it’s solar-powered with a high powered battery storage pack

The SolarGuard Wireless LED Floodlight gives you peace of mind anytime someone goes outside at night to walk the dog, take the trash out, or get something from the car because it’s always charged and ready to light up your yard.

The SolarGuard Wireless LED Floodlight is the perfect outdoor light because it is a floodlight with motion detectors and it becomes an entertainment light for the patio and bbq with a click of a button.

Now You Can Put Floodlights Anywhere You Want Without Spending A Fortune

Take a quick trip to the hardware store and you will find out the average cost per outdoor light is around $50 and installation costs between $70 and $120 per light. That's almost $200 dollars.

Unless you’re okay with spending a few hundred dollars for floodlights then your options used to be limited, but now you can light up your home with SolarGuard Wireless LED Floodlights and enjoy more of your yard in the evening with area lights. Plus, have peace of mind that your property is safer.

Best of all, you don’t have to spend a fortune to do it! You can get SolarGuard Wireless LED Floodlights With Motion Detectors for as low as $15.00 each! That’s a total savings of 52% plus FREE SHIPPING!

  • Taking the trash out in the evenings
  • Letting the dog out at night
  • Lighting outside entertainment area
  • Increase home value
  • Emergency lights for evacuation
  • Sheds, gates, patios, and barns
  • Secure the outside of your house

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What are SolarGuard Wireless LED Floodlights?

SolarGuard Wireless LED Flodlights are the perfect solution for anyone who wants the safety and convenience of high powered floodlights without the expense of professional installation. For only a fraction of the cost you can get 8 SolarGuards and light up your doors, windows, backyard, shed, patio, or anything else you can think of.

The SolarGuard is a top rated product with thousands of reviews from satisfied customers. Orders yours now and enjoy having ultra-bright floodlights in only a few days. Plus, you save 52% and get free shipping if you order before this Sunday.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to light up your yard like you have always wanted. Imagine coming home and seeing your entire yard light up as you walk through it!

American's Can't Stop Raving About SolarGuard Wireless LED Floodlights from LightHaus™️

Hear what customers have to say

"Extremely impressed! I read the reviews and I decided to go with SolarGuard lights for my backyard. I'm sick of paying for batteries for my lights that always go out, so I went with the solar and they work great!"

- Eric S. Orange, CA

"These lights are insane! They're bright when they turn on. They scare the living daylight out of anyone that walks by them, including my dogs! I'll be buying two more sets of 4 for the other sides of my house."

- Elaine A. Syracuse, NY

"I admit, I didn't expect much from these but they are incredble! They're really bright and light up the dark corners of my yard incredibly well when activated. No disappointment here, it's 100% as advertised. These solar motion sensing lights are perfect. Thanks LightHaus!"

- Isabella Y. Richmond, VA

30 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, simply contact Customer Service within 30 days

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